writing a blog

Thought I'd start a blog on my website so I can have a small corner of the web that I can call my own. Well, it's not 100% my own - I'm renting the server, and Verisign will pretty much always own the domain registry. But at least I'm not going to plaster the site with ads or randomly change the layout every few months.

Sometimes I do miss the old days of the web, where instead of having uniform social media pages, everyone had their own customisable website. Of course most of the websites looked absolutely awful. But nobody cared.

Of course there are still some websites that still look pretty retro, like Bjarne Stroustrup's website. An advantage of this that is underappreciated nowadays is how fast these kinds of webpages load. Try opening your browser's network debugger and see how any modern site compares!

Of course, I'm rambling here. This blog post is supposed to be about... other blog posts! I'll try to update this blog from time to time (and hopefully a little bit faster than other areas of this site). Expect posts about programming, gaming, music, and whatever else may interest me. Of course, if you have an idea for something for me to write about you can always contact me via Twitter or any other means listed on my contact page.