Hi, I'm Sean Latham (but also known as ipi about the internet). I'm a senior gameplay programmer currently working at Guerrilla, and I've been in the AAA games industry for about eight years.

I began programming at the age of 9 when I picked up Game Maker 5. I graduated from the University of Derby in 2016, and have since worked on several AAA titles throughout my career. I specialise in gameplay - in particular I enjoy building scalable, data-driven game-wide systems - but I also have some experience with audio and UI programming.

I'm proud of what I do. My role as a gameplay programmer is very collaborative by nature. I understand the needs and requirements of each discipline, and I communicate with them effectively to ensure the product is delivered on time and to spec.

Outside of my career I maintain a number of hobbies. I'm known for my music production (specialising in 8-bit/chiptune music), but I also like dabbling with new technologies, gaming, baking, and looking at cute rabbits on the internet!

I'd love to talk about job opportunities, my previous work, my music or anything else that is on your mind - feel free to drop me a line.

Thanks for visiting. Feel free to look around, or catch me elsewhere on social media!