Hi, I'm Sean Latham (but also known as ipi about the internet). I am currently in my second year BSc Computer Games Programming at the University of Derby.

I began programming at the age of 9 when I picked up Game Maker 5. Now my skill set includes fluency in C# and C++ amongst many other languages. For my detailed skill set, please see my CV.

I love what I do. My lifelong dream has been to make games that will make lots and lots of people happy! To see people get excited about my work and really appreciate it would warm my heart up very much. ♥

My areas of interest include retro games and expression of creativity within video games.

Other than programming I am also interested chiptunes, bossa nova, jazz, neo-classical metal and cinnamon pastries.

I'd love to talk about job opportunities, my software, my music or anything else that is on your mind - feel free to drop me a line.

Thanks for visiting. Have a good day.